Laura Evans is the Communications and Audience Development Manager at UK New Artists (formerly UK Young Artists), a company focused of providing support and opportunities for over-18 artists within the first 10 years of their professional practise. We sit down and talk about Laura’s role at UKNA, alongside the incredible opportunities they offer: from their weekenders and city takeovers to their UK Artist of Year Award and engagement with the Saatchi Gallery.

Below you can find our recording from early March, with all the references below each clip. This episode was recorded before the UK lockdown, so all dates and events are subject to change! For more information, please see the UK New Artists’ website and social media feeds. This episode was also recorded prior to UK Young Artists’ rebranding, now UK New Artists, hence the names being slightly different between the recording and titles.

Episode 3 – Laura Evans & UK New Artists

3.1 – Balancing Work, Business, and an Internship

– Vacancies at UK New Artists can be found here.

UK Young Artist City Takeover, Leicester 2014.

3.2 – Starting an Internship

– UKNA Director Michelle Bowen

– Nottingham ceative arts facility Primary

The Spark, arts for children.

3.3 – The Role of UK New Artists

UKYA Biennial, Derby 2010.UKYA Previous Projects

UKYA Project Documentation

3.4 – UK New Artists’ Global Opportunities

– The Biennial Foundation of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean, and the selected artists for Tirana in 2018

– The Seoujung Arts Centre, the collaboration with UKNA, and the National Assembly where work was exhibited.

Yiyuan Tang Museum, China

– The 2017 Blackpool Weekender at Abingdon Studios

– The 2018 Cornish Weekender at Porthmeor Studios

– The 2019 Skegness Weekender

3.5 – City Takeovers

– The 2019 Nottingham City Takeover

3.6 – The Robert Walters Group UK Young Artist of the Year Award

The Robert Walters Group UK Young Artist of the Year Award

The Saatchi Gallery

Robert Walters

– Judges: Gavin Turk, Phillipa Adams, Robert Walters, Michael Forbes, and Rosalind Davis

The events night

– Award winner Conor Rogers

3.7 – UK New Artists’ Call for Entries

Please note all dates and events mentioned are subject to change. For more information, please go to the UK New Artists’ website and social media feeds.

– The 2021 Leicester City Takeover, deadline for applications is currently Wednesday, July 1st @ 5PM.

-The Mediterranea Biennale, San Marino 2020 (deadline has passed)

– The Blackpool Weekender 2: The Coast is Queer by Garth Gratrix (deadline has passed)

– The Lincoln Weekender: 2″ Deep 2″ Wide by Claudie Zecchi (deadline has passed)

3.8 – My experience with UKNA

Backlit Gallery, Nottingham

– My UKNA profile

You can access the UK New Artists’ website here and find them on Instagram. If you’d like to contact UK New Artists, do so here.

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