Illustrator turned Photographer Johnathan Williams, also known as Pharaoh, sits down with me to talk about his foundation and incredibly fast rise in and around his creative endevours. Having known of Johnathan from his illustration days, we cover everything from family life to mutual friends, topped off with an incredible backstage story at Reading Festival 2019 in part 2.

Below you can find part 1 of our recording – with part 2 coming soon. Further down, you can see the selected clips and references from our conversation. If you wish to see more of Johnathan’s work, check out the links at the bottom of the page.

Episode 2 – Johnathan Williams (pt.1)

2.1 – The Freelance and Academic Balance

– Early Instagram work from Johnathan.

– Johnathan’s early work featured in Viper Magazine.

Promarkers used in Johnathan’s early work.

2.2 – Solo Showing Punch Records

Punch Records can be found in Birmingham, putting on courses programmes like Gallery 37, Back In, Capital Xtra Music Potential, Next Level, Lowdown, and Slanguages.

Daniel Alexander Films

Anthony Lee, formerly of Punch Records

Arts Council and Arts Connect, available for funding applications.

Gap Arts

2.3 – Transitioning into Photography

Conor Gordon

Red Bubble, Etsy, Big Cartel – sites produced for creatives to sell their work.

2.4 – Working with SB.TV

– Highlights and more in-depth links from the 0121Radio @ Selfridges can be found here.

– SB.TV on YouTube (also available at

– SB.TV founder Jamal Edwards (also here)

Muna and Despa Robinson (founder of be83)

Jaykae, Dapz OTM, Vital, and fellow photographer JDshotyou


2.5 – Touring with Jaykae

-Insight into Jaykae’s Where Have You Been tour, with the project found here.

ArtByAz, with artwork in the Puma offices.

Reading 2019 highlights, with Wireless Festival 2019 highlights.

A conversation with Rick Rubin.

You can see Johnathan’s work on his website, or alternatively on his Instagram.

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