Tom Fitch is a visual artist/painter from the West Midlands, United Kingdom. From dropping out of Sixth Form to being professionally represented, Tom has helped to set the trends in the UK’s online art scene from early. We sit down and talk about his path, his process, and the paintings inbetween in the first recorded episode of the Back and Fifth podcast.

Below you can find the whole episode with Tom. On top of that, you can find all the clipped chapters, with the included references linked below. If you liked the episode, please share online! And, if you want to see more of Tom’s work, check out the links at the bottom of the page.

Full Episode – Tom Fitch

1.1 – Beginning in Art

1.2 – The Music Industry

-Stormzy then & now, opitimising the rise of UK Grime and Rap.

-Tom sharing work with JME, AJ Tracey, Fredo, and Krept & Konan

JME’s livestreams act as one of the central places to see an original Tom Fitch piece (2014).

1.3 – Instagram

-Tom’s online presence has grown steadily since early 2018 (source: Social Blade)

1.4 – New York and Art Basel

-You can find Jay West’s work here and here.

Waun Daun, one of the artist’s Tom was introduced to overseas, had this to say about Tom.

1.5 – UK Networking

-Art Meets Culture (previously Art Meets Music), run by Ade Sanusi, can be found here.

-FerArts, run by Amanda Fernandez, can be found here.

-Various organisations in Birmingham helping bring artists together include Punch Records and the MAC.

FOKAWOLF‘s work can be found around Birmingham’s City Centre and Digbeth.

1.6 – Self Teaching

1.7 – Artist Representation

-Tom’s representation: Nova Fine Art

-The Nova Fine Art launch exhibition

1.8 – 2020

-Nova Fine Art’s viewing rooms

-Tom’s graffiti work from then and now.

-Artist Piicasa’s work can be found here.

You can find more of Tom’s work on his Instagram and through Nova Fine Art.

3 thoughts on “Back and Fifth Podcast (Pilot) – Episode 1 – Tom Fitch”

  1. I follow Tom on Facebook and Instagram and love his artwork. I love to sketch and paint myself so found this podcast really inspiring and picked up a few ideas along the way.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Jane! He’s been really instrumental to my own growth too, so I was really happy to sit down and talk with him. Really glad that you found the conversation helpful!

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